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Hardy Reels Now at Schmidt's!

by Ray Schmidt
03/12/09 Schmidt Outfitters 2009

Schmidt Outfitters is now 33 years old, which is old by fly shop and outfitter standards as they come and go. Hardy of England has been producing fly fishing tackle for 137 years—almost a century and a half!

For the first time in Hardy’s history, they have come to America as Hardy USA, a company owned and operated by Hardy themselves. Heretofore, Hardy had relied on a distributor in the USA to handle sales, marketing, and distribution. It has been a rocky road at best, and the brand has suffered popularity among new fly anglers simply because of availability. With this new venture with Hardy itself in the US, availability is not an issue.

Recently, Jim Murphy, president of Hardy USA, and Steve Tatarchuk, sales and marketing director of Hardy USA, came to pay me a visit at my fly shop. I was not looking for a new line of products in the shop. When Jim and Steve started going through the Hardy product line of rods, reels, waders, clothing, and gear, I was impressed. I crumbled and caved in. I’m in the Hardy business now.

We are starting with a few reel models now and will grow the product line as Hardy promotes the brand to American fly anglers. Currently, we are stocking the Cascapedia, the classic Hardy spey reel, in two sizes, the 8/9 and the 11/12. We are stocking the Marquis, the workhorse salmon and steelhead reel, in sizes 1, 2, and 3.

These are classic reels and worthy of a good, hard look. The Cascapedia is simply gorgeous and deserves to be on your spey rod. The price is 40% less this year than in previous times, from $449 to $475.

The Marquis is the first good fly reel I ever owned. I hate to say what I paid for it brand new back in 1970 versus what they retail for today. (Gasoline was 69 cents a gallon back then also.) Today the Marquis starts at $299. This reel is virtually freeze proof for winter steelheading.

To make a long story short, we are in the Hardy business here at Schmidt’s. We have product in stock and have the entire Hardy product line available to us (and you) in just 3 service days. Call us today to order.