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Mono Core Knot

by Ray Schmidt

Mono Core Knot

This is knot we use and reccommend for attaching all leader butt sections to fly lines these days. We started using this knot when fly line makers started using monofiliment as the core of the fly lines. This knot is secure and will not come off.

Step One

We start with a piece of 10 lb test mono approximately 12" long.

Step Two

Form a loop with the 10 lb mono.

Step Three

Form an old-fashioned half/hitch knot beginning by reaching through the loop.

Step Four

Grab the legs of the line as demonstrated.

Step Five:

Form a loop.

Step Six:

Slide the fly line tip through the half hitch loop and pull the knot down tightly and pull.

Step Seven:

The fly line coating will slide right off, exposing the core material.

Step Eight:

Tie an overhand knot in the core material and slide it close to the fly line coating.

Step Nine:

Insert the leader butt material through the overhand knot.

Step Ten:

Tighten the overhand knot.

Step Eleven:

Lay the fly line tip into the Nail Knot tool as shown.

Step Twelve:

Wrap the leader butt material around the Nail Knot Tool 5 to 7 times.

Step Thirteen:

Insert the leader tag end under the wraps as demonstrated.

Step Fourteen:

Pull the leader butt tag and slide the nail knot off the tool.

Step Fifteen:

Align the loops together and slide the nail knot down to the overhand knot in the fly line core material.

Step Sixteen:

Put a spot of super glue on the knot.

Step Seventeen:

This is the completed Mono Core Knot.