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Rio Skagit Short Head Spey Line

by Jim Haeck
11/05/08 2008 Schmidt Outfitters

In September 2008, Rio released a new high performance spey line called a Skagit Short Head. This new line is designed for use with the new "switch rods" (11' to 11'3"). Skagit casing involves using spey lines with short, heavy heads. In Skagit casting, the short heavy head helps create a much smaller D loop than traditional spey casting.

We received the new line in early October and Ray Schmidt  and I cast the Skagit Short on some shop rods one lazy Sunday afternoon. Both us were very pleased with the results of our half hour of casting. Two weeks ago I spent two days of swinging days on the Big Manistee with guide Jay Niederstadt using his T-14 system and flies that he and I have tied for spey fishing. For two days I cast a 425 grain Skagit Short on a Temple Fork Outfitters TiCrX 7/8 weight 11'3" 5 piece and I used a 12'6" Sage spey rod. Actually I used the Sage the most. Casting effort was minimal, line shooting was great, and the Short Head is easily mended.

Line Characteristics:

  • Available in 275, 325, 375, 425, and 475 grain lines
  • Colored loading point
  • XS Extreme Slickness Technology
  • Running line is married to the head
  • Soft head / 100 foot total length

Schmidt Outfitters highly recommends this line for use with the new switch rods (the 425 grain for the 7 weight, and the 475 grain for the 8 weight.)