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Temple Fork's Deer Creek Spey 13' 7/8 Wt.

by Jim Haeck
09/24/08 2008 Schmidt Outfitters

In January of this year I purchased a 13' 7/8 weight Deer Creek Spey rod designed by Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser from Temple Fork Outfitters. I did not fish the rod until probably mid-April or later because of high water on the Big Manistee River (I'm vertically challenged.)

Very quickly this rod became my favorite Spey rod out of the four that I own. Here's the list of "why's" this has become my favorite stick.

  • Traditional action: Temple Fork Outfitters call it "progressive-regressive traditional action." What this terminology means to me? Nothing. However, I have found that this 13' 7/8 weight rod meets all of my Spey fishing needs on the Big Manistee River and has helped my casting.
  • The rod handless a variety of Spey lines. I have personally used a Windcutter, a MidSpey, and Skagit lines (450, 550, and 600 grain) on this particular rod. I regularly fish the 550 grain Skagit with Rio 15' tips or with T-14 tips from 10'-18'. The rod handles the line easily.
  • Another feature, perhaps cosmetic, but effective, is the smaller diameter of the cork handle. It is very, very comfortable and there is less handle fatigue at the end of the fishing day. The butt strength of the rod will handle most steelhead, and I'm going to try it on salmon.
  • The rod is a dark amethyst-colored blank with contrasting copper and black wraps. The cork handle has two contrasting colors in the handle.
  • Excellent price as well!


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