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Scientific Anglers Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Fly Line

Fly line design is comprised of two elements: the shape, or taper, of the line, and the materials used to construct the line. Great fly line design is finding the optimal balance of these two elements for specific fly fishing applications. That's what Scientific Anglers™ lines do better than all others.

Scientific Anglers Freshwater Fly Lines

For panfish to pike, Scientific Anglers fly lines are designed to handle every condition from dry flies to large streamers and lake fishing.

Scientific Anglers Saltwater Fly Lines

Saltwater lines are for everything from bonefish to billfish. Floating, shooting, multi-tip and sinking fly lines for every destination and condition.

Sharkskin Fly Lines

With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience.