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Michigan Trout Flies

We are busy adding more fly pattern instructions to this page. Please check back soon for more!

Sac Fry Sac Fry

The sac fry is a stage in a fish's life. This pattern attracts feeding steelhead and trout.

by Ray Schmidt
Dennis Potter's Opal Elk Caddis Dennis Potter's Opal Elk Caddis

 This is a highly effective trout fly.

by Ray Schmidt
Dennis Potter's Opal-X Caddis Dennis Potter's Opal-X Caddis

Dennis Potter designed this effective trout pattern.

Dennis Potter's Skunk Hopper Dennis Potter's Skunk Hopper

The Skunk Hopper evolved from Earl Madsen's Michigan Skunk.

by Ray Schmidt
Dry Skunk Dry Skunk

The Dry Skunk is a trout fly native to Michigan. Earl Madsen of Grayling, Michigan designed this fly in the 50's. This a very good attracter dry fly. It looks like a stone fly, a grasshopper, and a host of other topwater bugs. We have it in four colors: black, olive, varigated brown/yellow, and hopper green.

Kelly Galloup's Woolly Sculpin Kelly Galloup's Woolly Sculpin

 Learn to tie Kelly Galloup's Woolly Sculpin.

by Ray Schmidt